Sir Software inc.
Software for Dumping site
Center of recovery
Sorts out or other LET/LTS
New version for recycling, easy of utilisation.
Answer to specialiazed needs for dumping sites, recyclers and for a good gestion of the redevance fees

Data can be converted into height (8) differents formats (CSV, Excel,Ascii…)
       - You can export rapidely your data to a compatible format for most accounting system.

Systems parameters.
       - Possibility of limited password to suit your needs.
       - Admin user can modify reports to fit the needs of your entreprise.
       - Each operation is recorded with the name of the user, time and date.
       - Each ticket has a unique number and can be corrected and reprint at will.
       - Overload limitation and can for each truck.
       - Different type of truck ’roll-off’, citerne, 10 et 12 roues, etc. …
Manual ticket creation.
       -You can do manual ticket. (Automatique calculation of the net weight).
       But this operation will indiquated on the ticket
Price and rebeat on products.
       - Many level of prices can be created in the product and adapted for each customer and contracts.
       These prices can be quickly removed or modify by the user.

Unit price.
       -You can manage your products by unit instead of by weight.
       EX: 3 bags of 20 kg of sand for $1.50 ch. =$4.50        1 load 15 v3=$37.00

Fast transaction.
       - With one mouse click , select your truck #  and the screen will display all other default values
       and by another click, you can change the values to suit your needs.

Shared products
       - You can shared the weight amoung many products.
       - Specialy for recyclers this fonction permit you to follow the product selon it's classement.
       A report give you all the information flu  about directely entered product or for mixed product exited by it's classement.

Manage all shared sources and printed report of percentage sources.
       - The % of these sources is recorded directly by the user with the trucker.
       -  Shared sources are specifiquely developped for dumping site.

Sort out management permit you to identify and group all the products that have to pay redevance on it.
Manage all shared sources and there percentage.
The shared sources are primarily use with dumping site and can be used at any other matter.
The % or the weight of the shares sources is written directly by the user with the trucker.
Shared sources are developed uniquely for the dumping site by Sir Software
Mixed product
       Manage the entrance of mixed product and allows the calculation of the cost for a product by the unit or by the weight.
Many reports are able to the user only for this option.
Shared produtcs
       Give you the option to accept a load with different products and to charge a supplementeray cost for each product.
Product by Unity
       Give you the option to manage the product by quantity instead of by weight.
            EX: 1 carpet of 20 kg for $4.50 Un. =$4.50          instead  1 carpets of 20 kg for $4.50 Kg =$90.00

Different and complementary options are for the dumping sites, of sorts and recoveries

Price on demand
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