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Our software does answer to the rules of Weight and measurement Canada and Provincial government.
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If your company is a dumping site, Quarry, Center of recovery, of sorts out or other, the S.I.R. software meets the needs of your company. In addition to that you will obtain all the following advantages: easier management of your site, seizure of the tickets accelerated, report  numerous and flexible, possibility of connection with your  accounting system and to invoice directly starting from the ticket of weighing. This product conforms to the governmental standards. Developed with tools of any last shout and friendly use, the S.I.R. software interfaces with most of scale readers with a serial port.

Welcome to a new generation of scale system.  In the vanguard of technology, this management system of scales was written with tools of high potency and in a language of the last generation by Microsoft, working only in an environment 32 or 64 bits under Windows Vista, XP, 2000 or Windows NT. Therefore an user years the industry of weighing got several changes because of the evolution of technology and the introduction of the digital weighing systems. The computed weighing systems of are very similar in principle with systems textbook. Difference is that the computer take care of your data and also gives you the opportunity of making reports which answer the modern needs of management, in a wink of an eye.
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Working under Windows NT4/

Abondant & flexibles reports.
Adapt to all different truck scales.

Scale managment