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The time of training recommended is a minimum of  6 to 10 hours for an operator, by sessions of 3 or 4 hours.
The covered matter includes an introduction to the  use of the software, the modification of report, how to export files, backup /recovery of the data.

Scale management

The manual input of the weights allows to
           Gross weight, tare weight , (automatic calculation of the net weight ). It is also possible to register the weight manually.
                     Note: That operation will be written of the ticket.  

Single weighing
                    Allows to carry out a weighing without the emission of ticket. This right can be granted or withdrawn to an operator.

Export data in format compatible with the majority of the accounting packages.
         The data can be converted into 8 different formats (Lotus, Exel, ACII)…)
Parameters: setting up the system
          Possibility of password of a single use with different accesses.
          The user can modify the aspect of the reports (more than 60 reports) according to his needs.
          Each operation is recorded as well as the name of the operator of the scale, the hour and the date.
          The rights of each operator can be limited to the need.
         Each ticket carries a single number, therefore in the event of lost ticket, breakdown of one or several printers, it can be reprinted.
          All changes made to a file or by the modification of the reports do not deteriorate the relative data with the gross weight, tares and Net.
          Limit the maximum loadings and can indicate the overloads for each vehicle.
          Manage the various types of vehicles; 'roll-off', cistern, 10 and 12 wheels, etc…
         Control tares (automatic daily recall).
         Management of the system by user.
         Allows the description of what will be printed on the ticket.
         Allows the adjustment of the factor of tolerance up to 300 kilos by default for the tare and up to 500 kilos for the peak load.
         Archiving of the data to limit the size of the file.

Management of the inventory
                   Preserve the cumulative (positive or negative) according to the customers, of the trucks, materials and the contracts.

Contract management
         Starting date and ending for a contract. 
         Does not allow the overloads except so defined in the truck.
         Redo an empty weighing (tare) vehicle and records it in a file.
         Multiple levels of price.

         The software can be programmed so that the warnings related to the end of a contract begin when a certain delivered quantity is reached.
         The contracts respect the governmental standards, therefore you can use them at personal ends or for the government.

Expenses of mileage by truck or contract
         At ends of calculation for the invoicing. Modifiable after the transaction.

Automated invoicing (with the need)
Report Impression according to the hour and the date specified by the user
         For example, all materials having forwarded between 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM, and this for one period of time determined by the user.

Management of the containers and the trailers
          Keep in memory: tractors trailers, containers…  

Ticket manuel creation is allowed manually
         Allow you to make tickets manually. (automatic calculation of the net weight ) but this operation will be indicated on the ticket.

Fast transaction.
Out on a simple “click” of mouse, choose your vehicle and the screen will post all the other default values and another “click” of mouse, you can change the values with the needs for the transaction.

Fast review
       Many useful, complete and easy characteristics for all the daily operations  of a user

We presently have  on our boards of development several items: hope to receive, reports generator and practically all the requests of our customers. In order to better satisfy you, we are continuously listening to you and we revise your requests to include them in our software or to give you the formation necessary so that you can draw better part from our expertise in the logistics solution or technical problem .

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