Sir Software inc.
Software for quarry
and asphalt plan
Manage road  and other contracts.
Starting and ending date for the contract with many cumulative, many product and many usage.
Project number .
Fixed cost by contract for each product.
Freight cost management.
Cumulative and number of loads by day and product total for a contract.
Manage many different usage for each product in a contract.
It possible to keep track of the single weighing in a file. The numbering sequence is different for the ticket one.
You can charge cost for a single weighing.
Many level of price on each product and adapted for each customer. These prices can be modify on demand.
A rebate can be given according for a transaction  or for a customer on any time or a period of time.
The prices are determined by ton and can be determined by contract.
Unit price
You can mange product by unity instead of by weight.
       EX: 3 bags  of 20 kg of cement for $4.50 each =$13.50           
               2 carpets at $15.00 each  = $30.00
Stack management
        It can mange till 5 stacks for each product.
       These stacks can be incremented et decremented on your need.
       The inventory management is done with a start quantity and start date,quantity of production and consumed quantity.
       It can be ajusted depending on you need.a production report is use to make follow up on every quantities.  
Mileage fees by zone or by chart

Price on demand
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